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Circumcision Info:  METHODS

This device is made of metal and is quite simple. It consists of two sharp cutters hinged at one end. There is a depression on one side of the cutters. The cutters can be closed with a lever. It is very quick and simple, the whole procedure only taking about five minutes. The end of the glans rests in the depression and the foreskin is pulled forward between the cutters. The cutters are closed and the foreskin is removed.

There are two problems. The glans has no protection and it only removes a minimal amount of skin. Personally, I don’t think it removes enough skin. I think it’s best to remove the maximum amount of foreskin, so that the glans is completely exposed at all times. However, if this is not important to you, then you may be happy with the speed and simplicity.

My personal preference would be for The Gomco Clamp as it produces the best overall outcome and is very safe.

Pictures of baby just after a Mogen clamp circumcision

The link on this page takes you to a photo of a circumcised BABY’S PENISES


This photo is very explicit;

Do not click here unless you are absolutely sure you wish to view this explicit photo


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