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A Few Points to Ponder

Circumcision Info - People / The Single Mum:  METHODS

It is important to realise that there are many different methods and styles of circumcision available. Another consideration is whether you would be happy with a local or general anaesthetic. Would you prefer dissolving stitches or ones that need to be removed?

I was circumcised when I was twenty eight years old. I had no idea that there were different methods and styles. As far as I was aware, circumcision was circumcision, your foreskin was removed, and that was that.

Mine was done on The NHS. I had to wait for four years. I probably only got it done then because I kept pestering the hospital for a date. That was four years of my love life being ruined. If I had known I would have to wait so long, I would have paid to have it done privately.

I wasn’t given any choice of methods or styles. I don’t think that there was any choice, the good doctor just used his own preferred method, and removed the amount of skin he saw fit. I ended up with a fairly low and loose circumcision, and my frenulum was not removed. I also had dissolving stitches, so they didn’t need to be removed later. All this was more than forty years ago.

With what I now know, I should have gone privately. Now I would go for a high and tight style and have my frenulum removed as well. I would also have gone for stitches that needed removing, not self dissolving ones. However, I was still over the moon with the result, it exceeded my expectations in every respect, and transformed my love life for the better. You can read about it in much more detail, in “My Story” in the adult section.

The cost of a “standard style circumcision” in a private clinic is likely to be several hundred pounds for an adult. If you want something more exotic, such as high and tight, where different amounts of inner and outer foreskin are removed, the cost is likely to be considerably higher. This requires more skill and experience and the procedure will take longer. You may also be more comfortable with a general anaesthetic for this lengthier more complex surgery. Having a general anaesthetic will also bump up the bill.

As to methods, The Plastibel method is only suitable for children up to the age of about eleven years old, so this most popular method is out. Usually, a freehand method is used for adults, this is certainly the case for more exotic styles. The Gomco clamp can be used and produces a very good cosmetic result, with the ability to remove pretty much as much skin as is desired.

There is more information on methods in the Methods section of Circumcision Info.

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Circumcision Info - METHODS


In terms of styles:

“LOW” refers to the position of the circumcision scar - that would be close to the rim of the glans.

“HIGH” means that the scar will be hig up the shaft, perhaps three quarter way along towards the base of the penis.

“TIGHT” refers to how much skin is removed, in this case it means the maximum amount.

“LOOSE” means only the minimum amount of skin is removed, just enough to ensure the glans is always exposed.

In a “low and loose” circumcision, the small fold of skin left will cover the scar in the flaccid position.  Many people find this cosmetically very acceptable.

The opposite - “high and tight” - means the scar is always very visible, being well down the shaft.  Even in the flaccid position there is no fold of skin behind the exposed glans and the rim is very visible and pronounced.  Care has to be taken with a “high and tight” style that not too much skin is removed, so that in the erect position there is just enough skin for the penis to expand into.  Removing too much skin is disastrous, since an erection will be very painful and the penis is likely to be bent.  If you decide to go for this style you must make absolutely certain your surgeon has the necessary skill and experience.

During sex, a man who has a “high and tight” style is likely to experience a bit more sensation, due to the large surface area of more sensitive inner foreskin present on the shaft. In the “low and loose” style there is only a small amount of inner foreskin left just behind the rim of the glans. However, the most important thing to remember, is that with both styles the glans is permanently exposed and can never be covered up. This is necessary for both partners to enjoy sex to the full. So there isn’t that much difference. Both styles are a huge improvement over an uncircumcised penis.

When it comes to masturbation, there is more difference. With “low and loose” you still have some, albeit a small amount of moveable shaft skin. Even though this may amount to only about half an inch, you can still reach orgasm, even without lubrication. However, with “high and tight” there is absolutely no skin movement on the shaft. It is stretched tight and you will almost certainly need some lube. Some men find this so erotic, coupled with the larger area of more sensitive inner foreskin stretched down the shaft that they have no problem reaching orgasm.

Not unsurprisingly, the vast majority of woman prefer the look of a smooth, rounded, circumcised penis rather than an anteater like, wrinkly skin covered one. It doesn’t just stop there though. Although they prefer any circumcised penis, many find the “high and tight” style extremely erotic, even in the flaccid position. The totally exposed glans, with not a trace of skin behind the rim, and the prominent circumcision scar are for many a real turn on. This probably has more effect on the enjoyment of sex, than the small physical difference with a “low and loose” style.

For more information and illustrations of the different styles, visit the excellent Circlist.com web site. There are also many accounts by woman, as to why they so much prefer circumcised men. Some reveal their horror stories of encounters with uncircumcised men.

There is a particular page on the Circlist website which gives

incredibly detailed information about the various styles.  

However, it is a requirement of Circlist that everyone MUST

enter their site via their Homepage, so I am unable to

provide you with a direct link.   However, just add the

following extension given below to the URL once you arrive

on the Homepage and you will get to that page (but be

warned, the page has some rather graphic photographs).

Cut and Paste this extension to the URL after the ‘dot com’:  


Two more considerations are whether to have your frenulum removed and should you opt for self dissolving stitches or ones that need removing later. Most would agree that a circumcised penis looks neater with the frenulum removed. There is no flap of skin hanging under the penis, giving it a smoother, more streamlined look.

The advantage of self dissolving stitches are you don’t need to return to have them removed. The downside is that because they are thicker, they can leave more of a scar, so you can end up with little white marks in a ring. Also, sometimes they dissolve a bit too early and sometimes a bit too late. They can sometimes snag on your underclothes. Non dissolving stitches are much thinner, so don’t have these problems. You could probably take the stitches out yourself, if you are careful and confident enough to do so. Personally, I would now opt for the thinner non dissolving stitches.

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