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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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Most Men Wish They Were Circumcised


To continue on from the previous page (Advice for Couples):

So, if you absolutely prefer a circumcised penis and he isn’t done, there are only three options.

If this guy really is the man of your dreams and perfect in every other respect, you may well imagine that it’s best just to put up with it. After all, you don’t want to risk loosing him over such a small problem. However, be warned, you may think that you can just ignore it, but you will almost certainly find it impossible to forget the great sex you had in the past with your circumcised men.

Just the sight of his anteater like foreskin is likely to be a put off. The wet folds of slimy skin and the fishy, cheesy smell will do nothing for foreplay. The lack of stimulation and the second rate sex will have you longing for the good old days. This is unlikely to get any better, indeed you will probably dread sex more and more as time goes on. Putting up with it is most unlikely to work for you.

The second option of dumping him, isn’t an option. You are head over heals in love with him, he is the one, dumping him over such a small problem is out of the question.

On to option three, persuade him to have it done. This is your only real option. Handled carefully, this may just be possible.