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Supposing He’s Not Enthusiastic


If you remove the embarrassment stumbling block by making all the arrangements for him, it’s much more likely that he will agree to go through with it. You might imagine that the GP would be the first port of call in arranging a circumcision. However, there is no point in going to your GP as you can’t get routine circumcision on the NHS. To get circumcised on the NHS you have to be suffering with a clinical condition such as chronic Balanitis or Phimosis. You will need to find a specialist private circumcision clinic. Google “circumcision clinic + your postcode” and choose one you like the look of. (Or click on the link below, which will open in a new window).

Visit the clinic and make sure you are happy with it. Discuss the procedure with the doctor and get any promotional literature. Say that you hope to persuade your boyfriend to have it done. Mention he might be a bit reticent and that you would value his help in reassuring your boyfriend he is doing the right thing. Say you hope to persuade him to have it done there and then, rather than returning for a second appointment. If you fancy it, ask if it’s possible for you to watch whilst it’s done. Watching your man being circumcised is for many woman one of the most erotic experiences imaginable. Being together whilst it’s being done, you holding his hand and giving your man encouragement can form an incredible bond between a couple.

Assuming he hasn’t rejected your proposal of circumcision outright, tell him you know a good doctor that you can both discuss it with. Suggest you make an appointment and that you will go to the clinic together. Emphasize “together” This is not something you expect him to do on his own, you are both doing this together, to have a better sex life for the both of you.

Why not suggest you both have lunch together at a restaurant nearby the clinic? Get him relaxed with a nice bottle of wine. When you arrive at the clinic, try and do most of the talking, at least initially, to lessen his embarrassment. If he has any concerns, let the doc reassure him that every thing will be just fine. The doc will have lots of experience in calming anxious patients. Up to this point in time, your man only thinks he is going for a consultation. However, you have pre warned the doc that you hope he will have it done there, right away. This is normal practice for most clinics anyway as it saves everybody time and trouble. Your man may be a bit alarmed at having it done there and then, he probably wasn’t expecting this.

However, if he has agreed with the doc that he wants it done, it’s going to be pretty difficult to back out right now. If he is relaxed after a few glasses of wine he is more likely than not to just say “what the heck, lets just go for it. It'll all be over in a few minutes anyway” Hopefully, that’s what will happen and you’ll return home with the beautifully circumcised man you always wanted. Once healed up, he is going to love it and be eternally grateful for your support. It bodes very well for your future together.

Also, if you do end up having children together, it should be no problem deciding about them being circumcised. You are almost bound to want any child of yours circumcised, since that is what you personally prefer. Because your partner is now circumcised himself, he also has first hand experience of how much nicer it is and will inevitably want those benefits for his son. Some thirty percent of couples can’t agree on whether to have their sons circumcised, this is now a problem you won’t have to face.


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