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Methods and Styles

If you’ve finally decided that you want to be circumcised, you may imagine that the first step is to make an appointment with your GP. This is not what I would recommend.

You can only be circumcised on The NHS if you have an actual problem with your foreskin, such as Phimosis or Balanitis. Even if that is the case, you might still face a long wait. It is likely that a course of antibiotics for Balanitis, or creams and stretching for phimosis will be tried first. These are likely to either be just temporary cures or not work at all.

If you have no current problem, then you will be told that it is not available on the NHS, since it is deemed “non essential” In which case visiting your GP will just be a waste of time.

Another point to bear in mind is your particular GP’s attitude to circumcision. There is no official line on the benefits or otherwise of circumcision in the NHS. Doctors are split down the middle, as to whether they are in favour, or against circumcision. At the end of the day, the advice you will get, will depend on the individual GP’s personal perspective.

If the doctor has had his or her children circumcised, clearly they believe that is for the best, then they are almost bound to recommend it. If they haven’t had their own children done, they are not likely to recommend it to you.

Doctors have these conversations with parents every day, and will be extremely skilled at convincing you of their point of view. If you have spent a lot of time deciding that you want it done, the last thing you need at this stage, is to have someone persuade you to change your mind.

The best approach is to Google “circumcision clinic” and your postcode, and choose a clinic that takes your fancy. (Or click on the link below, which will open in a new window).  I would recommend visiting the clinic before making any firm booking so that you can be sure you are happy with the establishment, and discuss your requirements with whoever is going to do your surgery.

The advantages of a private clinic are that there should be virtually no waiting time, and you should be in the hands of experts, since they do nothing but circumcisions all day long. You may also have a choice of methods and styles to choose from. Lastly, although they will make absolutely sure you know what is going to be done to you, they will hardly try to dissuade you from being circumcised. They are likely to re-assure you that you are making the right decision and are also likely to point out the many benefits it will bring you.

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