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- How Many People are Circumcised
   Throughout the World?
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Countries With High Rates of Circumcision

Accurate estimates of how many people are circumcised worldwide are very difficult to come by.   For large areas of the world, there is simply no reliable data, or no data at all.  So at best, it’s just a guesstimate.  For instance, there is very little information for Russia and not much more for India.  China traditionally did not routinely circumcise their children, though that is rapidly changing.

The low end estimates are that around 30% of males in the world are circumcised.  At the higher end, the estimate is around 45%.  One thing is definitely clear however, that is:  circumcision rates are on the increase.  

As a general rule, the better educated you are and the more affluent, the more likely it is that you will have your children circumcised.

In the US, overall, over 90% of children are circumcised. The few that are not are virtually all immigrants.  Second generation immigrants nearly always fall in line, and have their children circumcised.  That’s roughly 150 million American males that are circumcised.

There simply has to be a very good reason why so many parents have their children done. Don’t forget that almost all these circumcisions are for medical reasons, not religious ones.

Hygiene is the most often stated reason for routine infant circumcision.  However, the real reason is primarily cosmetic, parents just prefer the look of the exposed glans.  They can easily hide behind the hygiene reason, nobody need know that they just want their child’s penis to look nice.

Not that there is anything wrong with wanting your child to have an attractive penis.  The important thing is that the child is circumcised, not the underlying reason.