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The link on this page takes you to photos of a circumcised BABY’S PENIS


The photos are very explicit;

do not click here unless you are absolutely sure you wish to view these explicit photos

The next most popular method is The Gomco Clamp.  This is a metal device which is not too easy to describe - best to refer to the picture.  Briefly, it consists of a metal bell which is placed over the glans.  This protects the glans from accidental damage during the procedure.

As much foreskin as it is desired to be removed is then pulled up over the bell and the clamp is placed over the foreskin and tightened with a large screw.  

The foreskin is left clamped tightly between the bell and the clamp.

The clamp is left on for a few minutes to crush the skin.  The crushing prevents bleeding and holds the foreskin in the correct position for it to be removed.

The foreskin can now be removed by running a knife around the clamp.  This provides a very even cut and the bell protects the glans.  After a short while the clamp can be removed and your son is now circumcised.

The procedures takes about twenty minutes.

The clamp is quite fiddly and the procedure takes slightly longer than The Plastibell.  

Without adequate pain relief this method would be very painful.  * if this method is going to be used it is absolutely essential that proper pain relief is administered in advance. *  This would likely involve a penile nerve block injection of Lidocaine or penile ring block of the same.

The advantages of The Gomco Clamp are that it produces a very good cosmetic result, with an even scar line. It is possible to remove more skin with the clamp than with the Plastibell. If that is important to you and you don’t want a little roll of skin behind the rim of the glans in the flaccid position, then you may prefer this method.

Unlike the Plastibell, once the procedure is over, your child is circumcised. His foreskin will be completely removed, no need to wear a bell for about a week. It should be pretty much healed within a week. No stitches are required, there is very little bleeding.

SEE:  Pictures of a baby just after a Gomco Clamp circumcision

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