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As a mum I always wanted my son to be circumcised, unfortunately his dad wasn’t circumcised himself and refused to allow me to have his foreskin removed. We have since split up and my new man who is circumcised thinks that now I should have my son done. My son is six years old, is it fair to put him through this at his age?

Hardly any of my friends have had their children circumcised and they don’t seem to have any problems, why should I be any different?

There are risks associated with any surgery, given that circumcision is not essential, surely it’s better to avoid any unnecessary risk, no matter how small?

If I have my child circumcised wont it be extremely painful for him. If it’s not absolutely essential, why should I put him through such a terrible trauma?

If I decide to have my child circumcised, I will be taking away his choices. Surely it’s better to wait until he is old enough, then he can make his own decision. After all it is his penis.

If I have my child circumcised as a baby, isn’t there a good chance he could go through his childhood without any problems. In which case I had him done unnecessarily.

I have heard that circumcision removes a large area of my son’s sensitive skin from his penis. His glans will also lose most of it’s sensitivity. All this will ruin his sex life.

The main reason for wanting my son to be circumcised is because I much prefer the look of the exposed glans to the ugly foreskin. Is it wrong of me to have him circumcised just because I prefer the way it looks?

Many of my friends are not planning to circumcise their children. I’m worried that he may grow up being in a minority and that being different to most other boys might worry him?

Will having my son circumcised affect the way way he urinates?

When my son was born I unfortunately didn’t have him circumcised. I now realise I made a mistake. Should I go to my GP and make arrangements for him to be done?












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