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Will having my son circumcised affect the way he urinates?

Yes it will have a big effect on him when he goes to the toilet. With a circumcised penis the pee comes straight out of the end of the exposed glans in a pencil thin stream. Your son will be able to aim with great precision. His pee will come out very easily since there is no need to force the foreskin apart for his pee to exit. When he is done, a quick flick of his penis will dislodge the last drop from the end and he can pop it in his pants. His fingers will stay clean and dry, his penis will stay clean and dry and his pants will stay clean and dry.

Contrast that with an uncircumcised penis. The foreskin deflects the urine leading to a thicker, less well defined stream which can have droplets that splatter over the rim of the toilet. Also, occasionally a lump of smegma may partially block the outlet from the end of the foreskin causing the urine to come out at an unpredictable angle. This makes aiming a hit and miss affair. Sometimes he may miss altogether!

When he is done, there will be some urine trapped under his foreskin that will have to squeezed out with his fingers. This will get urine on his fingers. No matter how long and hard he squeezes, there will always be a small amount of urine left under his skin. Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes this trapped urine will gradually dribble out into his pants, leaving damp, stained patches. The whole experience is messy and unhygienic. If there are no washing facilities available, what will he do about his urine covered fingers?

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