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I have heard that circumcision removes a large area of my son’s sensitive skin from his penis.  His glans will also lose most of it’s sensitivity.  All this will ruin his sex life when he’s older.  Is this true?

You have been reading the anti-circumcision lobby’s propaganda!

All that will be removed is the troublesome foreskin which is a small proportion of the total skin area of the penis.  The outside surface of the foreskin is not particularly sensitive.  The glans is the most sensitive part of the penis and that is definitely not going to be removed.

An uncircumcised child is barely aware of his penis in his pants, precisely because it is covered by the fairly insensitive foreskin.  However, if you have your child circumcised, the most sensitive part, which is the glans, is now permanently exposed.  The first thing he will notice after being circumcised is how sensitive his penis is.  Remember it’s the glans that’s sensitive, not the foreskin.  This sensitivity will reduce over time until about 70% of the sensitivity has gone.  

Eventually the feeling when his glans rubs against his underpants will be a very pleasant sensation rather than overpowering as at first.  This loss may sound dramatic but don’t worry. What the anti-circumcision lobbyists never tell you is that as soon as the glans becomes wet, the full sensitivity returns instantly.  So if you go inside your partner or apply some KY jelly or some baby oil you are immediately back to your original sensitivity.

Circumcision will not ruin your son’s sex life.  Quite the opposite.  Circumcision will substantially improve your son’s and his partner’s sex life.

For further information read the “Sex” section (link below).

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down

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