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If I have my child circumcised as a baby, isn’t there a good chance he could go through his childhood without any problems?  In which case, I had him done unnecessarily.

Whilst it’s true there is only about a 15% chance that your child will have to be circumcised, if he does have to have it done when he’s older, it will be much more traumatic for both you and him, if this is the case.  Firstly, he will almost certainly have been suffering from his problem for some time.  It could be weeks of soreness and infection from Balanitis or many, many months suffering from Phimosis, followed by months of painful and usually fruitless attempts to stretch his foreskin.

You've then got the difficult task of telling him he has to go into hospital and have bits cut off his penis and it will be pretty sore for a week or so afterwards.  All of this could have been guaranteed to have been avoided, if only you had just had him done as a baby.  Not only would you have avoided all his needless suffering but in addition he would have enjoyed all the many other benefits or being circumcised.  So even if it might have been “unnecessary” to have had him circumcised it wouldn’t have done him any harm, but it would have done him a lot of good.

Around 50% of all uncircumcised children will needlessly suffer foreskin related problems throughout their childhood.  Finally, although only about 15% of children will have to be circumcised, double that figure will end up being circumcised for various reasons, such as parents changing their minds, parents realising they have made a mistake, guardian finds a new partner who insists on it, foster carer has your child done, or doctor, nurse, friends or family finally persuade you.

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