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If I decide to have my child circumcised, I will be taking away his choices.  Surely it’s better to wait until he is old enough, then he can make his own decision?  After all, it is his penis.

As a parent, not only is it your right to make the choices for your child he can’t make for himself but it’s your duty.   You will decide what inoculations he will have, if any;  you will decide what religion he will be brought up in, if any.   Likewise it is your duty to decide if it’s best he is circumcised, or not.

If you wait until he is old enough to decide for himself, how old is that?  Does he really understand all the pros and cons at 8 years old or should it be 12 years old?  If it’s the latter he will have already gone through most of his childhood without the benefits of being circumcised.  The early childhood years are important, formative ones.  Not being circumcised can lead to low self esteem and worrying about what is wrong with his penis.  See “My Story” for the negative effects it had on me.  

Chances are he’s already looked enviously on at his circumcised friends and wished he looked like them.  Be warned that wishing you had been circumcised as a baby is not the same thing as be prepared to have it done now at twelve years old.  He will probably say he is perfectly happy with his penis simply because he does not relish the thought of an operation - who can blame him.  But it’s very likely he wishes you’d had him done as a baby.

Your son 
trusts and
relies on
you to

              the right

(Don’t let him down!)
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