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Recognising that you made a mistake by not having your son circumcised is the most important thing. Although you could go to your GP and discuss the matter, this is not an option I would recommend for several reasons.

Firstly, most NHS Trusts’ policy on circumcision is that because it is not essential it comes under the category of a cosmetic procedure. There is an element of reason in this, in that the main reason mums want their child circumcised is because it looks nicer. If your child needs to be circumcised because of a problem, such as chronic Balanitis or Phimosis, it is likely they will first try antibiotics or foreskin stretching, if these are to no avail then your son will probably be circumcised.

Personally, I believe prevention is better than cure, and although that is generally the NHS’s position, when it comes to circumcision, for what ever reason, currently it is not. It was not always that way. Prior to the 1970’s, the NHS by and large promoted circumcision, indeed it was not unknown that if the parents couldn’t be persuaded to have their son circumcised, a doctor would do it anyway. An excuse would be made to the parents such as your son’s foreskin got torn during delivery and we had no option but to circumcise him. These days it would probably end in a law suit.

Anyway, I have gone off track a bit. Your GP will tell you the official position is that you can’t get circumcision on the NHS on demand any more, there has to be a problem requiring it. Interestingly you can still legally insist on circumcision in Scotland.

Off the record as it were, if you ask your GP if they would recommend circumcision, the answer you are likely to get will depend on what your GP did or would do to their own children. If your GP had his or her children circumcised, presumably they did it because they thought it was in the best interests of their child. They are hardly likely to advise you the opposite. I think many GP’s will have had their own children done since they constantly see at first hand the problems and misery that the foreskin can cause.

Rather than go to your GP where your son is unlikely to end up being circumcised, try Googling  “circumcision clinic” and your postcode. This should throw up some nearby private clinics. Visit their web sites and pick the one that you prefer. Give them a ring and make an appointment for a consultation. Make absolutely certain they practice adequate pain relief and find out what that is. There is much more information in the “Methods” section.

The most important thing as I said earlier is that you have made the decision to have your son circumcised. Do not let anyone dissuade you, now you have made up your mind. Remember it’s no good going to your GP, you need a private clinic.    

When my son was born I unfortunately didn’t have him circumcised. I now realise I made a mistake. Should I go to my GP and make arrangements for him to be done?

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