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The ten most important things you need to know 
about circumcision
- The Facts

The facts about circumcision are distributed over many sections of this website. This page aims to bring the most important elements together in one place.

  1. Your son does not need a foreskin, his penis will function much better without it.
  2. The foreskin serves no useful purpose in today’s world, but it causes many problems.
  3. Removing your son’s foreskin will cause him no harm whatsoever, but will bring him many benefits.
  4. Removing your son’s foreskin is a simple, safe procedure which will only take a few minutes and can be done painlessly.
  5. Once removed your son will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a beautifully circumcised penis every single day for the rest of his life.
  6. A circumcised penis looks good, feels good, is always clean, dry and hygienic and never smells.
  7. A circumcised penis is guaranteed to never suffer any of the numerous foreskin related problems.
  8. The foreskin plays no part in the enjoyment of sex, it just gets in the way. Sex is better for both partners if the man is circumcised.
  9. It is the glans that is sensitive, not the foreskin. It is the glans being in intimate contact with the walls of the vagina that brings pleasure to both partners.
  10. Not unsurprisingly, most woman don’t like foreskins, they prefer a circumcised penis.

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