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As a parent you have to make every decision for your baby. He is incapable of making any decision for himself. It is your duty to do everything for him until he is capable of doing it for himself.

You will decide what religion he is to be brought up in, if any. You will decide if he is to be bottle or breast fed. You will decide what food he is given. You will decide what inoculations he is going to have, if any. And so on and so on. The list is endless.

Likewise, one of the most important decisions you need to make is, do we have him circumcised?  It’s no different from any of the other decisions, he can’t decide for himself at this stage.

I consider that circumcision is similar to inoculations. Effectively, it is health insurance for his future. You can’t undo an injection once it’s be given. Likewise you can’t undo a circumcision once it has been performed.

The vast majority of inoculations cause no problems, other than short term discomfort for a few days. Similarly, the vast majority of circumcisions are performed painlessly without any problems, other than a little discomfort for a few days.  We are talking about doing what is best for the long term health of your child.

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down

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