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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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It’s important to discuss circumcision with your partner before you get pregnant. If you cannot agree if your child should be circumcised, perhaps you should consider if you should have a child together at all. Without agreement your child is unlikely to be circumcised. Every time the parent who wanted their child circumcised sees their son’s unwanted foreskin, they are likely to feel they have let him down and be full of regret that he has not got the attractive penis they so much wanted for him. In time regret may turn to anger, which can fester like an open wound, and the relationship may be in danger of breakdown.

Unsurprisingly, research has shown that when it comes to circumcision, most mums want the same for their son as their own sexual preference. If mum prefers a circumcised penis, she is very likely to want her son circumcised. Ask yourself honestly, what is your personal sexual preference? If like most woman, you prefer a circumcised penis, then if you don’t have your baby boy circumcised, you will very likely end up regretting your decision, and so will he too.

I personally really do hope that you decide to have your son circumcised. I am absolutely certain that if you do have him done you will be doing the very best for him. I am equally certain, that you will never regret your decision, and that when he grows up and finds out what you did for him, he will thank you for it and be very proud of his lovely penis.

If only one extra little boy is circumcised because of this web site it will have been worth all my work and effort.

On a final note, if you still cannot decide, remember this:

If you do have your son circumcised, it will not do him any harm whatsoever. However, it will bring him many benefits and give him the normal, healthy, hygienic penis he deserves.