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- Countries With High Rates of Circumcision
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All Change in China

Apart from the US, many other countries have almost 100% rates of circumcision.  These include The Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and Israel, to name just a few.

Countries where a majority of males are circumcised include, Australia and Canada.

Sweden probably has the lowest rate of circumcision anywhere.  Quite why this is, is a mystery. Swedes are very health conscious, especially where sex is concerned.  Yet Swedes are brought up to believe that circumcision is completely unnecessary and a mutilation of your child’s genitals. Circumcision is seen as a pointless, cosmetic, fashionable procedure, akin to docking a dog’s tail. Swedes are told that once circumcised, your sex life is destroyed forever.  Not surprisingly, with this level of indoctrination, very few Swedes have their children circumcised.

Indeed the Swedish Government tried to actually ban parents from having their children circumcised. It was overturned, and legislation enacted to force all people performing circumcisions to be registered as competent.

I don’t think this bizarre attitude to circumcision will last all that long.  There are signs that more Swedes are having their children circumcised as they realise the benefits.  The Internet is a powerful force to spread the message of how important it is to have your child done.