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- The Benefits


The foreskin - for all it’s faults - is very efficient at stimulating the glans to orgasm, without it, it’s going to take longer, and a different technique is required. Masturbating with a foreskin is a fairly crude mechanical affair, whereas when circumcised there are many different subtle sensations to be enjoyed. Fantasies are much more important and there is the time to enjoy several. Before I was circumcised it would all be over in a couple of minutes. After I was circumcised I could make it last as long as I wanted, usually about twenty minutes. For most men, the longer you can make it last the more enjoyable it is. I enjoy masturbating far more since I was circumcised.

Obviously, once your baby’s foreskin has been removed it cannot be put back. Circumcision is for life. The question I would ask is: “why anybody would ever want their foreskin back, given the problems it causes?” That was the very reason you had it removed in the first place, to eliminate the nuisance it causes and give you the advantages of an exposed glans. Once you’ve been circumcised, you will enjoy the benefits every day, for the rest of your life.

Whilst it’s true that circumcision will cause the permanently exposed glans to lose some of its sensitivity, it’s not as bad as it seems. If the sensitivity of the glans was not reduced, the sensation of it rubbing against one’s underwear would be unpleasant. One of the nicest things about being circumcised is the pleasant sensation of the permanently exposed, dry, reduced sensitivity, glans gently rubbing against one’s underpants or pyjamas.

The anti-circumcision lobby make much capital out of this, by trying to convince parents that this reduction in sensitivity is obviously going to ruin your son’s future sex life. Of course what they fail to tell you is that the sensitivity instantly comes back as soon as it gets wet. Step into the bath or shower and the sensitivity is back to normal. Likewise, as soon as you apply some lubricant, such as baby oil or KY jelly, or go inside your partner the sensitivity immediately returns.

There is a very slight chance that when your son grows up and he finds out what you have done to him, he may say that he would rather you had not removed his foreskin without his permission. It’s important to put this into context. Over 99% of children who are circumcised are glad that they have been done and have no wish to have a foreskin.

I know this figure sounds improbably high, but it is borne out by my personal experience. I have never met a single person in my life (I’m 69) who was not glad that they had been circumcised. That also includes my childhood friends who were forcibly circumcised expressly against their will. They begged their parents not to do it to them, but once it was all over, they all absolutely loved the new look and feel of their circumcised penises, they were very happy, without a single exception. If you were circumcised as a baby, you will never know what it feels like to have a foreskin, so how can you possibly say you would prefer it if you hadn’t been circumcised? You can’t miss what you’ve never had.

Chances are the child who complains about being circumcised would probably be just as likely to complain if you hadn’t had him circumcised. There’s just no pleasing some people. The message is clear, your son has a much, much higher chance of being happy with his penis if he is circumcised, in fact it’s almost guaranteed. However, if you don’t have him circumcised, it is far more likely, that he will be unhappy with his uncircumcised penis.

So the satisfaction rate for circumcision is virtually 100%. Sadly the same cannot be said for those unfortunate children who were not circumcised. The majority of them (about 75%) are not happy and would rather have been circumcised as a baby.

Note that wishing you had been done as a baby, does not mean that you would now relish the embarrassment of having it done as a grown child. The two are completely different things. If a child who is not circumcised could wave a magic wand and their foreskin immediately disappeared, without having to go through the trauma of having it done, most would do just that.

Nowadays circumcision is quick, simple, safe and can be painless. It’s true that 30 or 40 years ago almost all infant circumcisions were performed without any pain relief. This was cruel. Today there is absolutely no reason for your baby to feel any pain during the procedure. Adequate pain relief is possible using a Lidocaine injection to completely numb the penis during the brief ten minutes or so it will take. Your babies’ penis will remain numb for quite a while afterwards (like having an injection at the dentist).

He is likely to experience some slight discomfort for the next few days until it has healed up. Babies sleep so much in the first few days of life anyway, so it will quickly pass. Never forget that this extremely brief episode will quickly be forgotten but your son will enjoy the many benefits of his circumcision every single day for the rest of his life.

As with any surgical procedure, along with benefits, there will usually come a few things to consider. This is also the case with circumcision, where the benefits easily outweigh any slight concerns.

Masturbating will take longer
Circumcision is for life
Glans will lose some of its sensitivity
Very slight chance your son may say he would have liked to 
have a foreskin
The procedure itself
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