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You don’t have to have your baby circumcised in a hospital or clinic. Some doctors are willing to come to your home and do it. Particularly if you are a bit squeamish or unsure about the procedure, you may well find it less of a worry if done in your own home.

There are many obvious benefits of a home circumcision. You and your baby will be in familiar surroundings, which will be less stressful for both of you. You can be with your baby and comfort him, hold his hand, stroke him, talk to him. The environment is going to be quiet and inviting. You could have some soft calming music in the background. Above all, you can make absolutely sure that your child receives adequate pain relief, and is not suffering in any way.

As soon as the procedure is over, you will immediately be there to cuddle and comfort him, then he can rest in his own familiar cot.

All this is likely to be so much less hassle for both of you. There is no need to drive to the clinic and find parking, find your way to the right place and all the hassle of driving back home again. Give it some serious thought.

However, do make absolutely sure that any doctor you employ is properly qualified and very experienced. Make sure he will use a technique that you are happy with and that pain relief will be adequate. Get references if you are in any doubt about his or her competence.

Prices usually start at about £75 for a baby (based on January 2014).

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down

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