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Your son does not need a foreskin.  

It serves no useful purpose in today’s world, but it can cause many, many problems.  He is much better off without it.

Having your child circumcised won’t do your son any harm, but it will do him a lot of good.

It is best to remove your son’s troublesome foreskin as a routine procedure.

And, have it done BEFORE it has chance to becomes troublesome.

Removing his redundant foreskin will not harm your son in any way - actually his penis will function much, much better without it.

A circumcised penis is so much nicer in every respect:

It looks nicer, it FEELS so much nicer and it’s always clean, dry and hygienic 24/7.

Once it is over, your son will love the improved look and feel.  Once your son has experienced the huge improvement his circumcision brings, he will never ever want to go back to how it was before (ugly, wet, cold and smelly).

You and he will be so glad you did this, neither of you will ever regret it.  I have NEVER met a parent who had their son’s foreskin removed that regretted it - most parents I know who did not have their son circumcised DID regret it several times during their son’s childhood and many  later realised their mistake and had their son circumcised later on.

More and more parents are having their sons circumcised as they realise the many benefits of this simple, quick and safe procedure.  And remember, nowadays it can be done virtually painlessly.

Once this ten minute procedure  is done, every day for the rest of your son’s life he will be able to enjoy a much, much nicer, foreskin free, trouble free, circumcised penis that he will love and be proud of (as will his wife or partner when he is older!).

If you have your son done as a baby, shortly after his birth, he will never remember it.  Chances are he will grow up never knowing he has had “the snip”.  Probably, the first time he will find out  that it happened will be in school sex lessons.  He will no doubt be very surprised, but is not going to suddenly hate his parents for having him circumcised without his permission (this is a common argument against circumcision) as he’s now used to having his lovely penis.

The kindest “Welcome to the World” present you can give your baby boy is to have him circumcised and give him a much, much, nicer and trouble free penis that he will love and enjoy for the rest of his life.

To not circumcise your baby boy is tantamount to child neglect or even child cruelty.  No child should have to put up with a troublesome foreskin clad penis.  (That is, of course, my own personal opinion).

A circumcised child is a happy, healthy child.

So, what’s not to like?

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