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Some people will say that if nature gave us a foreskin, it must be there for a reason. Well it was there for a reason. That reason was to provide protection to the glans before we wore trousers and underpants.

Before we wore trousers and underpants, running through long grass and undergrowth obviously left the glans vulnerable to abrasion without the protective foreskin. So it was a valuable part of the penis. However, today we all wear trousers and underpants so we no longer need the protection of the foreskin, our underpants are just fine.

Unfortunately, now the penis is cooped up in our pants and we live in warm centrally heated buildings, the much warmer and enclosed conditions facilitate the rapid breeding of germs and bacteria under the foreskin.

Since we don’t need the foreskin anymore and it just causes many problems it seems sensible to remove it. If removing it were to do any harm, then it would be wise to leave well alone. Fortunately, removing it causes no harm whatsoever, and it actually brings many benefits. Also removal is quick, simple and safe and can be done painlessly. It’s a no brainer.

Since the main purpose of the penis is for urination, it makes sense that this should be a problem free experience. Urinating with a circumcised penis is problem free. The urine comes straight out of the end of the exposed glans with commensurate ease, no need to force a foreskin apart. You can aim the pencil thin jet with great accuracy.  When you are finished, a quick flick or a wipe with some toilet tissue will leave your penis clean and dry. Pop it in your pants and you’re done. Your fingers stay clean and dry, your penis is clean and dry, your pants will stay clean and dry and the toilet isn’t messed up.

Contrast that with a foreskin clad penis. You will have to force the foreskin apart for the urine to come out, that means more straining than with a circumcised penis. You can’t aim with any great precision, it’s a somewhat hit and miss affair. Miss you may well do if the exit from the foreskin is partially blocked by a piece of smegma and it comes out at an unpredictable angle. Instead of a pencil like stream it comes out more like a hosepipe with a cloth partially covering the nozzle. When you are finished there will be urine trapped under the foreskin that you will need to attempt to squeeze out with your fingers. No matter how long and hard you squeeze, there will always be some urine left trapped. This will eventually dribble out into your underpants over the next few minutes. The result of all this is, your fingers are wet with urine and some smegma, the end of your foreskin is wet and your pants will end up with damp stained patches. Plus the toilet may well be messed up a bit too. If there are no washing facilities available your fingers are now wet and smelly. All in all, not very hygienic or satisfactory.

The second most obvious use for your penis is sex. Some people who are against circumcision say that the foreskin is covered in tens of thousands of specialised nerve endings and that removing these must remove a large part of the enjoyment of sex. This is simply untrue. All skin has tens of thousand of nerve endings, the foreskin is no different. In fact, the foreskin is not particularly sensitive. If you touch your foreskin it produces no more sensation than touching your hands or legs. Indeed, if you haven't been circumcised, you will know that you are barely aware of your penis in your underpants. As your foreskin rubs against your clothing it produces almost no sensation, precisely because it’s not very sensitive. It’s true that the inside surface of the foreskin is more sensitive, but precisely because it’s inside, it’s not normally accessible. It’s the glans that is the sensitive part of the penis. It’s the glans that gives the pleasure to both partners. The glans needs to be in intimate contact with the walls of the vagina on both the in and out strokes. The foreskin just gets in the way of the enjoyment of sex for both partners. On the out stroke the glans will tend to retract into the foreskin. It’s as if the foreskin lines the vagina and the glans goes in and out of it. For the man it’s like masturbating and for the woman it like he is wearing the thickest condom in the world. The glans of a circumcised penis is about 25% bigger than one on an uncircumcised man. It’s not the length, but the width that is important, or rather the shape, i.e. circumcised.


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