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- The Single Mum
Choose a Penis Type

Because single mums don’t have a penis themselves, it is obviously very difficult for them to imagine what it would be like having a foreskin, let alone how it would feel if that foreskin was removed. Try to imagine for a moment that you are male.

You have a choice of two types of penis, Penis A or Penis B.

or elephant’s trunk. It is very important to regularly retract this skin and

clean away the build up of smegma and stale urine that collects here.

Having a pee is not as straightforward as with a type A penis. Aiming can

be a bit of a hit or miss affair, as the wrinkly skin can deflect the urine

from the straight and narrow. When you’re done, there will be urine

trapped under the skin, which needs to be squeezed out with the fingers. This can get urine on the fingers, which is a problem if there are no washing facilities. Some urine always gets left and will dribble into the underpants over the next few minutes. Type B penises are prone to problems and infections and there is also a very slight chance of cancer of the penis. Although sex can still be enjoyed with a type B penis, it is generally inferior and most woman prefer the type A penis. Unfortunately, most people agree the type B penis doesn’t look very attractive. The wrinkly end of the skin is mostly wet and therefore feels cold. Under the skin it’s wet and smelly.

So, it’s your choice, which would you prefer, Penis Type A or Penis Type B?  See next page…



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