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The Social Pressures to Have Your Son Circumcised

Traditionally, The Chinese didn’t routinely circumcise their children at birth.  However, in the past few years, as many Chinese living in the large cities have become more affluent and better educated, demand for circumcision has rocketed.  The government now encourages routine circumcision for boys in a bid to cut the spread of AIDS and STDs.

In large hospitals in the major cities, routine infant circumcision rates are now at about 80% and rising rapidly.  This is likely to eventually extend to smaller towns and possibly into more rural areas.  This is very encouraging, quite possibly in the not to distant future, routine infant circumcision will become the norm, just as it is in The US.

Well educated parents who didn’t have their children circumcised at birth, now increasingly want their child’s foreskin removed.  Just as in many other parts of the world, it is becoming regarded as irresponsible and unacceptable not to have your child circumcised.