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You may be a child who is perfectly happy that you haven’t been circumcised and have no desire to have it done. You may also be lucky to have absolutely no problems throughout your whole childhood. If that’s you, you are indeed lucky.

Most children who aren’t circumcised, wish they were. Most will know nothing at all about circumcision, probably never even heard of the word. However, they can see that their willy is different, and look enviously at their lucky circumcised friends, and wish they were like them.

Half of all uncircumcised children have to visit the doctor at least once during their childhood for foreskin related problems. Many more are never taken to the doctor with their foreskin problem. The parents may be afraid that the doctor will say their child should be circumcised. If the parents are very against circumcision for whatever reason, they can’t bear the thought of being pressured into having their child being circumcised when they feel strongly against it.

About 15% of children will have to be circumcised due to foreskin problems and about 15% will be circumcised when they are a bit older because the parents realised they made a mistake. Even if you’re not done yet, there is about a one in three chance you will end up being circumcised at some point during your childhood. For your sake, I really hope that you will be circumcised and that you are done as early as possible.

If you would like to read a bit more about the different ways circumcision can be done, read the two sections called “Methods”, which are within “Circumcision Info”, there’s llinks immediately below.

Before you go, I’d really like to wish you “Good Luck!”

ADVICE FOR KIDS, page 3 of 3

If turns out that you must keep your foreskin for the rest of your childhood (for

whatever reason), here are some tips to help alleviate some of the problems.

better and your pee comes out easier as it doesn’t have to force the

foreskin apart. When you've finished, wipe your glans and inner skin well

with a tissue, this will remove the last drop of urine and remove some of

the smegma (the cheesy, fishy, yellow stuff).


No matter how hard you try nothing will ever beat the joy of being circumcised.


 Your visit to the Doctor

 What it will feel like once you are circumcised

 Are you happy being circumcised?

 Talk to your parents

 The two types of willy

 Still not sure if you’re circumcised?

 What exactly is circumcision and why is it done?

 Your parents have just told you that you are       
going to be circumcised

 Tips if you haven’t been circumcised

 Some statistics
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Read also:

Circumcision Info - People / The Single Mum:  METHODS

Circumcision Info - METHODS

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