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You will have it done either in a hospital, at a clinic or at the doctors. You will lie on

a bed and either be given an injection so you won’t feel anything, or be briefly put to


The doctor will then remove that troublesome little bit of skin. Don’t worry, it won’t

hurt and you won’t see anything. It will only take a few minutes, then you will be

able to go home. The doctor will give you an injection once it’s all over, so you

won’t feel any pain during or after the operation. It will be a bit sore for a few days

until it heals up, but nothing like as bad as having a tooth out. Your mum can give

you some Calpol if it bothers you too much. You will be so glad that your parents

did this to you.


Once you are circumcised, not only will it look and feel great, but having a pee will be so much better. Firstly, you will be amazed at just how easily it comes out, now you don’t have to force a foreskin apart. Also, it will come out in a pencil thin jet that you can aim with great precision, no more missing the bowl! Without a foreskin, there won’t be any droplets going over the toilet bowl. When you’re finished, a quick flick will remove the last drop from the end, or just give it a wipe with toilet tissue. No more squeezing with your fingers. Your willy stays dry, your fingers stay dry, and your pants stay dry. All in all, it’s so, so much nicer, now you’re circumcised.

And another thing, when you’re lying in bed, you can touch your exposed glans anytime, without ever getting your fingers wet and smelly. Indeed, if you previously couldn’t retract (pull back) your foreskin, you will now for the first time be able to experience the fantastic pleasure to be obtained from “playing with your newly exposed glans” - enjoy! You should remember though, that this is something you only do in private.

If, prior to your circumcision you suffered from itchy ness, soreness and infections, these will all now be a thing of the past, gone forever.

If you used to be embarrassed in the school changing rooms or showers, now you can hold your head up high, as your uncircumcised friends look enviously on at your attractive new willy. Don’t be surprised if they want to know all about it and ask you lots of questions, like why were you done, what does it feel like, do you prefer it etc?


Virtually all children who are circumcised are very happy with their willies, it seems perfectly normal and natural to them. They don’t get any problems or infections, it looks good and feels good. They wouldn’t want one of the “Cavalier” type willies with that ugly wrinkly bit of skin on the end. They are very happy being a “Roundhead”.


Sadly the “Cavalier” kids mostly look enviously at their lucky “Roundhead” friends and wish they had a willy like them. If you are an unhappy “Cavalier” kid, I sympathise with you. I wasn’t circumcised as a baby or a child and I hated my foreskin. I hated my wet and smelly willy. I wished I was “normal”, just like my lucky circumcised friends. Virtually all my friends were circumcised, it was the norm, I was in a small minority.


I tried to talk to my parents about what was wrong with my willy, but they wouldn’t discuss the matter. Luckily for me, a friend’s mum told me all about circumcision when I was seven. I was very grateful to her and I was able to tell my few uncircumcised friends what was wrong with them.

Few children feel confident talking to their parents about such a taboo subject. If you, like me, hate not being circumcised, I would suggest you to try and discuss the matter with your parents.

It’s likely that your parents will be more embarrassed than you. They may also feel guilty that they didn't have you circumcised. They may have difficulty offering you a reasonable explanation as to why you have got to put up with your troublesome foreskin.

Hopefully, you will have at least one parent who will listen to your concerns, and possibly ask you if you would rather be circumcised. If your dad isn’t circumcised, it’s less likely he will be sympathetic to you. It’s very likely he didn’t have you done, because he wanted  you to “look like” him. On the other hand, most mums would prefer it if their son was circumcised. You might get more sympathy from your mum, since it’s possible she secretly always wished you had been done.

If you’ve studied this web site you will almost certainly know much more than your parents about circumcision. This could put you at a distinct advantage in your discussions.

On the next page, page 3, I’ve listed some tips to help you deal with your foreskin while you a waiting for your circumcision - I think you’ll find them useful, I hope so.

 Your visit to the Doctor

 What it will feel like once you are circumcised

 Are you happy being circumcised?

 Talk to your parents

 The two types of willy

 Still not sure if you’re circumcised?

 What exactly is circumcision and why is it done?

 Your parents have just told you that you are       
going to be circumcised

 Tips if you haven’t been circumcised

 Some statistics