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If you've just been told by your parent or parents that you are going to be circumcised, you are probably feeling anxious. No doubt you are wondering why they are going to do this to you.

Most importantly, there is nothing to worry about. Circumcision will not harm you in any way. Your willy will look and feel much, much nicer once it’s done. You don’t need a foreskin, it serves no useful purpose, but causes lots of problems. It’s much better to have it removed.

At the moment, the end of your willy is covered with a wrinkly piece of skin. It doesn’t look or feel very nice. If you are able to pull this skin back, you will have noticed that underneath it is wet and smelly. There will be lots of nasty germs there too. Clearly, this isn’t good for you.

The only way to make sure your willy is always clean and hygienic, is to have this piece of skin removed. This is called circumcision. You are very lucky that you are going to be circumcised, some unfortunate boys never have it done, they will have to put up with their wet and smelly bits of skin, all their lives.

Circumcision is good for you, that is why you are going to have it done. Your glans needs to be permanently exposed to the air. This will make it look and feel so much nicer.  

Most boys are circumcised at some point in their lives. It’s likely that many of #

your friends have already been done. Once it’s all over, your willy will end up

looking just like theirs. Instead of your anteater like skin, the end of your penis

will be round, smooth and dry.

It will look and feel much, much nicer. From now on, it will never, ever smell.

Although it will feel a bit strange at first, and a little sensitive, you will quickly get used to it. You will end up loving the feeling of your permanently exposed end gently rubbing against your underpants and pyjamas.

Don’t worry about it, I promise you, you will absolutely love the look and feel of your newly circumcised penis.


If you’re a child it’s likely you aren't really sure exactly what circumcision is and why it’s done. Most younger children who are circumcised don’t realise that anything has been done to them. As likely as not they will have been done as a baby and won’t remember anything about it. As far as they are concerned their willy has always been like it is and seems perfectly natural. They can be quite surprised when they discover what has been done to them. You may realise after looking at the drawings and photos that you haven't been circumcised.

Many children who aren’t circumcised look enviously on at their lucky friends with their nice rounded willies and wonder what is wrong with theirs. Why does theirs have this ugly wrinkly piece of skin on the end? The question still uppermost in their minds is likely to be, why didn’t their parents have them done? since it’s obviously so much nicer. Sadly, the main reason that parents don’t have their children circumcised is ignorance and apathy. Some however, are just plain against it, often for no rational reason.

Although most boys are circumcised at birth, around a third will end up being done during their childhood. When you were born, your parents may not have realised how important it was to have you circumcised. Later on if a doctor, nurse or even a friend of your parents notices that you haven't been circumcised, they may well persuade your parents to change their mind.


You are probably looking at this web site hoping to find out more about circumcision. Maybe you are still not sure if you’ve been circumcised. Don’t worry, some teenagers and even adults don’t know if they have been done, and amazingly there are many girls and woman who don’t know if their boyfriends, partners or husbands are circumcised. As well as the drawings above, look here where there are more photos:

you’ll soon know if you’ve been circumcised or not, for sure.

If you still have a wrinkly bit of skin covering the end of your willy, then your parents didn’t have you circumcised. You’ve almost certainly discovered, that if you pull back your piece of skin, underneath it’s wet and smelly. The smell is a mixture of smegma and stale urine. Smegma has an unpleasant, fishy, cheesy smell. The first of the drawings on the right shows a penis that has not been circumcised.

If your willy has a smooth rounded end, like the second of the drawings on the right, then you have been circumcised. You already know that your willy is always clean, dry and hygienic. It looks much nicer than the uncircumcised willy in the drawing above. As well as looking better, it feels so much nicer, and it never smells. You are very lucky to be circumcised. Circumcision is good for you.

Uncircumcised penis

Circumcised penis




You’ve probably realised that there are two types of willy. The first has a wrinkly

bit of skin covering the end and the second has a smooth rounded end. All babies

are born with the wrinkly bit of skin. This bit of skin, known as the foreskin, serves

no useful purpose, but causes many problems. Because of this, most parents have

a doctor remove it shortly after the baby is born.

If you haven’t been circumcised, germs and bacteria will thrive in the mixture of stale urine and smegma. This yellowish, fishy, cheesy smelling paste collects on your uncircumcised willy, because your glans is covered up by the wrinkly foreskin. The glans is the rounded end part. That is why most parents have the foreskin removed. If your glans is permanently exposed by being circumcised, then you will never have any nasty smegma and there is nowhere for urine to be trapped or germs to hide.  Here’s a picture of a child with smegma, but be warned, it really isn’t a nice sight - it’s a bit scary.  

If you haven’t been circumcised, then you must regularly clean away this smelly smegma and stale urine.  If you don’t, you will become prone to infections.  You may have already experienced some infections and been given antibiotics.


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