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- The Single Mum
Advantages of being a single mum

One advantage of being a single mum is that you don’t have to get agreement from another partner, you alone are free to decide. One of the most unfortunate situations is where the parents cannot reach agreement on whether their son is to be circumcised. Often the father isn’t circumcised himself and wants his son to “look like him” So he is totally opposed. Mum on the other hand, like most woman, has a preference for a circumcised penis. This means she is likely to want what she sees as the best for her son, i.e. circumcised.

Since no doctor is going to circumcise a child against one of the parents wishes, the child remains uncircumcised, much to the chagrin of the parent who wanted it done. This feeling of resentment is likely to fester like an open wound within the relationship, with a high chance of a break up.

Occasionally, a single mum’s son may have to be adopted or go into foster care. By definition most of these parents want the very best for the children they are looking after. If they notice that a child hasn’t been circumcised, its not uncommon for the parents to make arrangements to have him done, for his own good. After all, this could well be the child’s only chance of being circumcised. This is especially important if there are other boys in the family that have been done. If he is not done, he may well wonder what is wrong with him when he sees other boys who are circumcised.

Presumably as his parent, you would prefer it, if you had had him circumcised, rather than his adopted/foster parents. If it were me, as the child’s parent, I know that I would be very embarrassed if I hadn’t had my child circumcised, and any other parent found out. I would hate to be thought of as uncaring and irresponsible. It would be even worse, if they ended up having to remove my son’s foreskin, when I should have had him circumcised in the first place.  

Your son trusts and relies on you to make the right decision -

don’t let him down