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HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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A Dilemma:


You’re a mature woman and you've had sex with several men over the years. Like most woman in your position you have come to the conclusion, that you definitely prefer a circumcised penis. Indeed, just the thought of sleeping with a guy with a foreskin no longer holds any attraction at all.

Out of the blue you meet the man of your dreams, perfect in every way, except it turns out he isn’t circumcised. What to do? Do you just grit your teeth and put up with it, try to pretend it doesn’t matter? In the back of your mind, you tell yourself that once you’ve married him, you will be able to persuade him to have it done.

You never let him know that you find his wet and smelly foreskin a terrible put off, and you desperately wished he’d been circumcised. He never asks if you mind that he’s not been circumcised. From his point of view everything is fine, but inside you know sex has been so much better. You long for an attractive, rounded, clean and hygienic penis like you’ve got used to. You feel trapped, you love him, but can’t stand his ugly, wet and smelly willy and the second rate sex. You don’t feel you can say anything to him, for fear of loosing him. The situation is depressing.

Assuming you go with plan A and marry him, when should you break the bad news? It’s always tomorrow. As time goes by, sex gets less and less satisfying, you can’t help remembering how good it was in the past, with your circumcised men. Now you dread the thought of it.

You discover you’re pregnant. It’s a boy. Like most mums who prefer a circumcised penis, you definitely want your son to be circumcised. To your surprise, your man categorically refuses to allow it, saying his son must “look like” him. A terrible row occurs and in the heat of the moment you finally tell him that you have always hated his disgusting uncircumcised penis.

Things couldn’t get worse, or could they? Up to this point, this is a true story involving friends of mine. Divorce seemed inevitable. However, an unexpected twist of fate saved their marriage and solved all their problems. You can read the whole story in the “Stories” section of Circumcision Info (link below).

Unfortunately, that twist of fate is very unlikely to occur to most people, sadly the once promising relationship is more likely to end in heartache.  Read The Moral Of The Story on the next page…

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