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About Me

I was born into a comfortably well off middle class family living in one of The Shires in England some 73 years ago.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t circumcised as a baby or a child. I’ll never know why. Virtually all my friends were circumcised and I could only look on enviously at their lovely smooth rounded end willies. Circumcision was the norm.

Worse still, every adult that saw my anteater like willy disapproved, and told me that there was something  wrong with it, and that I should see a doctor. I begged my parents to take me to a doctor to have something done about it, but they refused point blank, and would not even discuss the matter with me.

Eventually, when I was seven years old, a friend’s mum explained all about circumcision. So now I knew what was wrong with my willy and more importantly, that it could easily be fixed, and it would only take about ten minutes. Once more I begged my father to take me to the doctor, but again he refused.

I hated my foreskin and my ugly wet and smelly willy. I just wanted to be normal like the other boys and have a nice rounded end, clean, hygienic, circumcised willy. But sadly it was not to be.

My parents were constantly bombarded by friends, teachers, doctors and nurses who had discovered that I hadn’t been circumcised, to relent and have me done. There were always letters after school medical’s strongly suggesting that I be circumcised for my own good as soon as possible. Friends of my parents also couldn’t understand why they refused to take me to a doctor.

I was so ashamed of my disgusting willy, that I dreaded sports. I hated it when the other boys and the teachers saw my foreskin in the changing rooms and showers. The teachers often made remarks about my uncircumcised willy and how I needed to fully retract that foreskin and clean away all the muck underneath. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was so embarrassed. Perhaps that’s why I always hated sports.

School medicals were even worse. The examining doctor would retract my foreskin to expose the wet smelly glans underneath, covered with smegma and stale urine. It was obvious to me that the doctor considered my parents very irresponsible, not having me circumcised. I would be handed the inevitable letter to give to my parents, suggesting they have me circumcised as soon as possible. My parents never took any notice whatsoever.

When I went to boarding school it was a school rule that all children must be circumcised. At the time this was pretty much normal for all boarding schools, mine was no different. My father just refused to have me done and ignored repeated requests for me to be circumcised in the next school holidays. The school doctor examined us at the start of term to make sure that our foreskins had indeed been removed. Eventually, I was the only boy in the school, out of about three hundred pupils, who still hadn’t been done. I was asked to leave.

Looking back, I’m fairly certain that my mother always wanted me to be circumcised, I suspect she just took it for granted that I would be done as a baby. For some unknown reason, my father was totally against it and refused to allow me to be done. My parents used to argue a lot, so I imagine they must have had some terrible rows about my circumcision, or lack of it.

I had vowed that as soon as I left home I would go straight to a doctor and make the arrangements to be circumcised. I finally left home at eighteen years of age. There was so much to do, starting a job, finding somewhere to live, make new friends etc, that going to the doctor had to take second place. After all I had now put up with this horrible foreskin for eighteen years, so a little bit longer wouldn’t matter.

It became obvious that not being circumcised was ruining my sex life. All my first girlfriend’s previous three lovers had been circumcised, as had her two brothers and father. She hated my foreskin and could not stand looking at it, let alone touching it. I went to my GP to get circumcised, but the waiting list turned out to be four years! Had I known it would be that long I would have paid to have it done privately. Eventually, my foreskin took it’s toll on our relationship and after three years we split up. Things were no different with my next four relationships, all these woman insisted on a circumcised penis which at the time I still didn’t have.

I finally got the date for my circumcision on the day I meet my first wife. I knew I was going to marry her from the day I met her. I didn’t want to risk jeopardising our relationship, so I pretended to be circumcised, safe in the knowledge that I would only have to keep it up for a few weeks. She never guessed, she was 100% convinced that I was circumcised, but I could tell that sex was disappointing for her. Just before I was due to have my op, I confessed to her that actually I wasn’t circumcised, but was having it done in a few days time.

To cut a long story short, once I was circumcised and it had all healed up, sex was immeasurably improved for both of us, way beyond any expectations I could ever dream of. It totally transformed my life, for the better. Not only was my penis now clean, dry and hygienic all the time, but it looked so good with it’s smooth rounded end, just what I had always dreamed of all my life. Better still, it felt so good, and it never ever smelt any more. I was just over the moon with how great it was. I cannot describe how happy I was. My wife absolutely loved my circumcision. To her, circumcision was not only completely normal, but essential. All her previous sexual encounters had been with circumcised men, except for one night with an uncircumcised guy. The experience was so disgusting, she vowed never to repeat it.

We both decided categorically, that if we had baby boys, they would definitely be circumcised. As it turned out we had two girls, so it wasn’t necessary. About half our friends who had boys were going to have them circumcised anyway. We managed to persuade all of our other friends, with only one exception, to change their minds and have their children circumcised. None of them regretted their decision and so far as I know all the children were glad to be circumcised. Hopefully, we were able to spare several children the fate of being left uncircumcised, and give them the pleasure of an attractive, hygienic, permanently exposed glans.

Tragically, my wonderful wife died of cancer after eighteen blissful years of marriage. I went on to marry briefly for a second time, but it didn’t work out.

I did however manage to convert my second wife to the joys of circumcision. She had always been totally against circumcision, believing it to be an unnecessary mutilation of one’s child’s genitals. She was very sorry for me when she discovered that I had been circumcised, presuming it to have been done to me, against my will in childhood.

After several weeks of having sex together, she completely changed her mind, and agreed that she had never known sex so good. Indeed, she confessed that she now no longer needed to fake her orgasms. She loved everything about circumcision, the way it looked, the way it felt, and it never smelt. But best of all was the fantastic stimulation from the firm, plump, large, exposed glans. It literally took her breath away.

However, she was distraught that she had refused to have her two sons circumcised. If only she had known then, what she knew now, they would have never left hospital with their foreskins. She decided to do all she could to persuade them to be circumcised, as much for their partner’s sake as for their own.

After five years together, we split up. I had sex with five more woman before marrying my third wife. All in all, I slept with a dozen woman in my life, ten of whom not just preferred a circumcised penis, but insisted on it. Of the two who claimed to prefer uncut, one changed her mind very quickly and the other kicked me out of the bed when she discovered that I didn’t have a foreskin. She said she could only manage sex with an uncircumcised man. However, I think that may just have been an excuse, having decided for what ever reason, that she really didn’t want sex with me after all. Looking back I was almost certain that she knew I was circumcised before we got into bed together.

My present wonderful wife, had never slept with a circumcised man before meeting me. She very quickly got used to it and now insists that she much prefers it. We’ve been married wonderfully happily for seventeen years now.  Prior to meeting me, if she had had any children, she admits that she wouldn’t have ever given a thought to having them circumcised. If we had ever had children together, they would most definitely have been circumcised.

That is briefly a bit about me. You can read much more about my life, on My Story.   You may feel that the contents of My Story is just a repeat of this page, but it is much more detailed for those of you who are seriously considering circumcision for your baby boys (surely you wouldn’t want them to suffer as I did?), Or young men who want a better penis (and therefore a better sex life).

When you do read My Story, in order to get the most from it I’d suggest you start right at the beginning and read through chronologically.  The story of my Adult Life follows on at the end of the Childhood section;  because of the nature of its content you can only reach my Adult Life in this way, it does not appear in the navigation bar or the site map.

Now you can probably see why I was motivated to publish this web site. My life experiences with regard to circumcision have made me determined to try and persuade as many parents as possible to have their children circumcised. My entire childhood was blighted because I hadn’t been circumcised.

Please don’t let your child suffer the same fate as I. Not only did I needlessly suffer during my childhood, but for ten years my sex life was ruined because I wasn’t circumcised.

I can confirm the statistic that nine out of ten woman prefer a circumcised penis is true.

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