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- Ten Common Myths

There are numerous myths that surround the subject of circumcision. Many of these are deliberately propagated by the various anti-circumcision groups in an attempt to dissuade you as a well meaning parent from having your son circumcised. It is time to dispel some of these and expose the truth.

Myth 1:
Removing your son’s foreskin will destroy an essential part of his penis, which will 
cause him many problems and ruin his sex life.
Myth 2:
If you have your son circumcised at birth you remove his choice as to whether he wants 
it done;  you should leave it until he is old enough to make his own decision.  
Once removed it cannot be put back!

Myth 3:
Having your baby circumcised will cause your child unimaginable pain and suffering;  
this will traumatise him for life.
Myth 5:
Without a foreskin your son will be unable to masturbate normally.
Myth 6:
Some anti-circumcision websites claim the uncircumcised penis is self-cleaning.
Myth 8:
Most anti-circumcision websites state that circumcision offers no protection against
cancer of the penis.
Myth 9:
Circumcision offers no protection against the HIV virus.
Myth 10:
Fewer parents are having their children circumcised;  your child runs the risk of being
teased or bullied at school if you have him circumcised.
Myth 4:
The foreskin is covered in tens of thousands of highly sensitive, specialised nerve endings -
needlessly removing this sensitive piece of skin will prevent your son from enjoying sex to
the full when he’s older, since most of the sensation in his penis will be gone forever.
Myth 7:
There has been a photo circulating on some anti-circumcision websites showing a baby
that has just been circumcised with a Plastibell device;  it states that the baby’s penis
‘has been reduced to a stump’.
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