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Your son does not need a foreskin.  

It serves no useful purpose in today’s world, but it can cause many, many problems.  He is much better off without it.

Having your child circumcised won’t do your son any harm, but it will do him a lot of good.

It is best to remove your son’s troublesome foreskin as a routine procedure.

And, have it done BEFORE it has chance to becomes troublesome.

Removing his redundant foreskin will not harm your son in any way - actually his penis will function much, much better without it.

Once it is over, your son will love the improved look and feel.  

A circumcised child is a happy, healthy child.

HOME INTRO TO WEBSITE Circumcision Info The Decision People Sex FAQs World Links And, Finally...
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This website is designed to give parents sufficient information to help them make one of the most important decision they will ever have to make for their baby son.  

That important decision is - should they have him circumcised?

My answer to that would be a resounding “YES”, and this website explains why…

I also detail my own experience as a youngster and young man which will, I’m sure, give you an insight into why this subject is so important to me.

Whilst this website is aimed at parents of little boys, it  doesn’t concentrate solely on baby boys.  You will also find information for toddlers, older children, youths, adults and elderly men.

Please take the time to read through all the information - and there is a lot of it - carefully.  I promise you, you WILL find it helpful and beneficial.

Before you begin, it is important and helpful that you understand a couple of things, so please read the following links before proceeding:

And always remember - I wish all the best for you and especially for your sons.

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